• 8 optoisolated binary / counter inputs 24V DC (I1 – I8)
  • 8 configurable binary outputs / inputs / counters 24V DC (Q1 – Q8)
  • 2 optoisolated analog inputs 4-20 mA (8 bit acc./10 bit res.) with configurable hysteresis and filtration
  • Isolated serial port RS 232/485/422
  • Firmware Flash memory with remote update capability
  • RTC with external synchronization functions


  • Transmission modes:
    • GPRS (packet transmission)
    • SMS
    • CSD – circuit switched data transmission (in modem mode only)
  • Serial port emulated protocols in GPRS mode:
    • MODBUS RTU (Master and Slave)
    • Transparent, intelligent modem
  • All binary inputs can be configured as counters or frequency-to-analog converters (0-2kHz)
  • External, optoisolated RS 232/422/485 serial port for data transmission
  • Unsolicited messaging
  • Event triggered Data Logger
  • Additional manual alarm level setting capability for analog inputs A1, A2 (front panel push buttons)
  • Simple, multipoint alarm configuration for both binary and analog inputs
  • Dynamic SMS text insertion
  • Smart MODBUS RTU routing
  • Configurable access security – IP and Tel. list, optional password
  • Local or remote (via GPRS) configuration and programming
  • Multibroadcast for transparent mode
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Power supply 12/24V DC, 24 V AC
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Programmable control functions using I/O’s and configurable, event triggered flags (SMS sending, data sending / logging, output control, call in)
  • Diagnostic LED’s (status, GSM transmission activity, GSM signal level, GPRS activity, serial communication activity, I/O status)


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